Saturday, 27 November 2010

What's Your Widget?

In East Devon we woke up to a very light smattering of snow this morning but the sky has been very snowy all day and the hills surrounding us are white.  I intended taking some photos but somehow I just couldn't drag myself away from the fire!

I am surrounded by sniffing wimps!  Everyone has a cold (well, man flu in The Runner's case!) except me, so I guess I'll be going out for sudafed and paracetamol tomorrow!

The Runner has a new phone (LG GM360 if that means anything to you).  Now, I may have mentioned before how technologically phobic he is.  So you can imagine all the questions we have had this afternoon whilst he was trying to work out how to use a modern touch screen phone.  'What's a status bar?'  'What are SN updates?'

Scary has helped him as much as she can bear with a teenager's short attention span.  We did both laugh out loud when he said he had an 'idle widget'!

We have put in his old sim card so that he doesn't have to change his number but this means that he cannot access some of his old pictures and files.  The one he is most concerned about, however, is a recording of Terry Wogan reading out his poem on Radio Two before he gave up the Breakfast Show.

You can tell we are a certain age, can't you?

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  1. Sniggering here at the 'idle widget' - Terry W would have loved that! Glad your Fair went well - I did an OUTDOOR one today! Fortunately it was good fun and I did well - freezing though!!


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