Tuesday, 23 November 2010

'Oh Dear, I seem to have dropped Something on my toe', I said

Work was so busy today, I've been trying to catch up with myself all day.  I had intended taking a picture of the wrist warmers I have started to crochet for Scary but I think that will have to wait until tomorrow.

If you have been reading this blog for a while now, you will know that we have no heating (or hot water) at the moment.  Of course, everybody keeps telling me it is going to snow.  Thanks a bunch.

We have an open fire in the living room but we live in a cold house and it is chilly in here even when the heating works properly, so you can imagine what it's like at the moment (lovely in a hot summer though).  Various electric heaters are spread around the house, so I dread to think what that bill is going to be like!

Whilst I was fetching some logs this evening, I dropped a log on my toe.  Hope my neighbour wasn't the other side of the fence because I might have taught him a few swear words.  My poor toe is so sore but, even worse, it looks perfectly normal!  At least if I am going to go through all this pain, it could at least LOOK as if it's painful!  A bruise or a little swelling would be ok; perhaps even a drop or two of blood.  Nothing.  Humph!

Well, I think I will go and put a few more layers of clothing on and go to bed!  Maybe tomorrow I can take some pictures in the daylight. 

Also tomorrow, I have to get myself organised for the fair on Friday.

If it wasn't for The Last Minute, I would never get anything done!

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  1. I love that you have a category called "swearing"! I feel for you being without heating. We were exactly the same last year. £3000 later (after only having a new boiler 4 years previously!!!) we were almost up and running again- but the heating engineers wife chose to leave him whilst he was fitting our new boiler - so it was a mega trauma!


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