Monday, 29 November 2010

I Love Eric

OK, OK, I think I'm obsessed.  A while ago, by mistake really, I found this programme on Channel 4 late at night which caught my fancy.  True Blood.

My girls go all goo-goo eyed about vampires but they've never really tickled my fancy until Eric (and maybe Bill a little bit to start with).

Please don't watch it if you're at all offended by sex, blood, drugs, devil worship, swearing, gay relationships; well, just about anything really.  But it is such a good story.

And Eric is so gorgeous.

I'll grant you he's a bit on the skinny side; nothing a few good pies wouldn't sort out.

I suppose they would have to be blood based.  I could do that.  I can cook.

The books are a rollicking good read too, although not very much like the tv series.

Give it a go, if you're not easily shocked.  I'm sure you'll find someone to fancy on there, even if you don't like My Eric.  No more wishy washy vampires.  These vampires are dark, evil and sexy as hell.

Sorry, it must be my hormones!

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