Saturday, 20 November 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like the 'C' Word!

Look what it was doing in Exeter today!

Sorry, no, it's not real!

Looked quite pretty though!

After a little light Christmas shopping (rude boxer shorts for tall boyfriend and running gear for The Runner), it was off to Harry Potter.  The cinema was packed but nobody tall sat in front of us thank goodness.

I can remember struggling to keep up with the plot in the book, and I did find it a bit long (mainly because I got cramp half way through!) but it was very good and it is rather irritating that we now have to wait until next July for the second part!  I think I might need to read the book again in the meantime!

Anyway, better go to my cold bed now.  The Runner is away tonight so will have to go and make a hot water bottle!

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  1. Cor for just a moment I thought you'd got some proper snow! Apparently here on the east coast we're due for a bit of it at the end of the week!!

    Christmas has to include silly boxers - spent ages choosing some for my boys the other day.


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