Tuesday, 9 November 2010

A Warning

Whilst we were away in Blackpool, unfortunately Scary left her handbag behind somewhere and even though we returned ten minutes later, it was gone.  Now Scary as a rule is very careful with her things and was very upset.  Because we were away, there were lots more things in it (thankfully not her phone, which was in her pocket) but she lost her ipod nano, new camera which she had for her birthday with really large memory card (and irreplaceable photos from her birthday), make-up, £50 cash that she had saved from her wages to spend on holiday, bank card, her sister's umbrella, her pills that she takes every day, purse (new), various other little bits and pieces, some of which we have only realised since and the bag itself I had paid £35 for only a couple of months ago.  You just don't realise how much you carry around with you and how much it is to replace it all.  It cost me £18 on the day just to replace the make-up!

Anyway, this is not the point of the story.  The Runner managed to wangle a refund from the hotel because of a draughty window (!) and so when we returned, we promised Scary that we would replace the ipod, which she listens to all the time, so I went online and started to have a look.  Now, they have updated the ipod nano since we bought Scary's and the new one is touch screen.  Surprisingly she didn't want this and much preferred the one she had before, so I searched for the slightly out of date one.

Although I looked on Amazon and ebay, I found a website that was selling new ones for a discounted price (£89) and so ordered it.  I received an email straight away saying that my order was being processed.

Since then, nothing.  I have been on the website several times, looking for a way to track my order to no avail.  So today, I decide to have a serious look at this website and did a search to see if anyone else was having problems.  Oh dear!

Poor Scary has been checking the post every day, desperate for her ipod to arrive and now she's upset all over again!

Thank God I paid by credit card.  I rang the credit card company and although I have to wait a requisite number of days, and fill out a form, I will get my money back eventually.  They actually charged me £91, not the £89 they said.

Now, I have edited the rest of this blog post because I had the name of the company and lots of details but whilst speaking to Trading Standards this morning, they have advised me to take it off until the matter is resolved.

But if you are buying (or think you are) an ipod from Apple, just make sure that you are actually dealing with the reputable company called Apple Store and not somebody else.  Check and double-check.

Then you won't be stomping around the house swearing all the time!!!

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  1. Poor Dear! Its awful to lose things like that. Lost my purse once and felt simply violated. Hope you get your money back soon and find that nano she wants. Best of luck!


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