Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Wow, 30 days in a row!  Not much crafting done this month but I have managed to blog every day.

The Runner has just been up to the attic to get down the Advent Calendar, I've found the chocolates (Thorntons) I bought a month ago to put in each individual pocket and Scary says that she wants to fill it this year.  I still cannot comprehend how it's December tomorrow!

And, wey hey, The Newly Married Boilerman is due tomorrow!!!!  Not sure what time to expect him as we haven't heard anything so I suppose I'd better get up early and tidy the utility room, so that he can actually get in the door!  We probably won't have any heat until Thursday or Friday but at least the process has started.  Even with the open fire in the living room, I don't think I have EVER been so cold.  We have several electric heaters but unless you are actually standing right beside them, they don't seem to make much difference.  And certainly, as soon as you turn them off, you are freezing again.

Poor Starfish has moved into the small office on the put-you-up bed because her room is so cold.  (It's the biggest bedroom at the front and has three outside walls.)

Oh I am so looking forward to being warm.  Having a shower without shivering all the way through.  Washing my hands without them freezing.  Being able to wear less than 6 layers of clothing.  Maybe even having a bit of hanky panky because I can bear to take my clothes off!!!!  Shhh don't tell anyone.

And Having A Bath!!  Do you think I might persuade Eric to share it with me?


  1. OH I'm cold just thinking about you with no heat! i thik i would sleep next to the open fire :) LOL at that pic of eric

  2. OMG and it couldn't be any colder either. It'll be amazing to have heating and hot water - enjoy!

  3. Sending warm thoughts your way - though looks like your Eric is giving you plenty of those! Hope things do get warmer, but I suppose that's unlikely since December is just starting. One can hope though, eh?


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