Thursday, 11 November 2010

Bumbling About

Well, I have been doing this NaBloPoMo thing and I've been desperately trying to get some crafting done so that I could take some lovely photos and show you how productive I've been.  Hmmmm.  No chance just lately.   Even if I do get some time, you can't sit down for long because the house is so cold you'll get frostbite!  The boiler man has very inconsiderately decided to get married and go on his honeymoon, so the new boiler isn't going to be installed until the beginning of December!  Brrrrrrr!

I think I'll call it a night now.  Not much today I'm afraid but I have the day to myself tomorrow (hopefully) so perhaps might get something done.  Might just be cooking; at least then I can put the oven on!!

Going to put my thermals on to go to bed!  Sexy!


  1. ooo i feel your coldness. Last year in all that terrible snow my sister had no heating at all, just 2 tiny electric fires, this year she just got her new boiler :)

  2. OMG no heating! I'm cold just thinking about it. Get lots of blankets on the sofa to snuggle under.


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